We Are Thinking Green!

Did you know that at ARC Construction Services we’ve gone green?  That’s right!  We care about Mother Earth and are happy to do our part towards a cleaner environment. That is why we use HEPA filters in all of our vacuums.  Plus, we have “green” chemicals available for most post construction or general clean up projects. We understand that when construction work is completed, your building project must be thoroughly cleaned before turning it over to the building owner or tenant. Although cleaning sounds like a fairly simple task, in reality it is a labor intensive service requiring a tremendous amount of planning, organization and efficiency to get the building to final “move in” condition in a cost-effective manner. We can manage & handle all of this….while doing our part to help the environment. With 14+ years of commercial cleaning experience we welcome the opportunity to go green. That’s just one one of many ways we are do our part towards a better planet.

For more info on ARC Construction Services  visit our website or contact us today! We are the leading environmental remediation, interior demolition and specialty services contractor, servicing clients in Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic areas.

Curious about what you can do to go green?

Here are 50 ways you can help the planet.

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Firestop System Ratings and Definitions

It is important to fully grasp  the full effect of proper fire-stopping methods.

Fire-stopping is the implementation of fire resistant material to penetrated walls, floors, gaps and joints. With Fire-Stopping we prevent the rapid spread of fire damage. Think of it this way, of when we run wiring from one room to another, and the walls surrounding both rooms are fire-proof, we still have an accident prone assembly area where the wires are brought through. The wires conduct heat, which is easily transferred from one room to the next. We will secure those wires with fire-stop material not only preventing the heat transfer, but blocking the port that connects the one room to the other. In case of a fire,  the heat source will be contained, and fire from outside the compartment will not enter the protected area. Other areas that can be properly protected are plumbing process piping systems, mechanical systems and vents, high voltage and motor electrical conduits, low voltage and lighting conduits, and Data and communication conduits.

Architects & Engineers, Departments of Public Health, the joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, Building Owners, building and fire officials all partake in ensuring buildings meet fire-stopping safety standards with the following ASTM E-814 standard testing ratings.

- “F” Rating – Fire Rating, in hours; time for the fire to “poke through” the Firestop System to the non-fire side of the test assembly.- “T” Rating – Time for penetrating item (pipe, duct, etc.) to raise 325F above ambient. Flammable materials on the “cold side” of the penetration can ignite without flame passing through the opening.

Conductive transfer of a heated copper or metal pipe to cardboard or plastics and other flammable on the “cold side” can cause fire spread without flame penetrating the opening.

- “L” Rating – Air leakage of the firestop system at ambient and 400F, simulates cold and hot smoke, stated in CFM/SF opening area. This is the industry’s solution to “smoke wall” sealing.

- UL 2079 – “F”, “T”, “L” Ratings, tested after cycling joints and gaps of wall tops and expansion joints, (some 500 times plus) then fire testing the system when the joint is at extension to simulate the worst case conditions. This rating is stated in hours as well. Another hybrid of the test is CWS – 2001, a system for testing gaps at floor slab edge/curtain wall assembly junctures.

It is important to understand these fire-stop protocols and how they can ultimately save your building in case of a fire. The return on investment can be dramatic considering the lost time and property due to a large scale fire.

For a thorough inspection, Arc Construction Services offers 10+ experience in Fire-Stopping. We manage a fully stocked warehouse and we also hold the #1 Hilti accredited contractor in the Mid-Atlantic region title.


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Cleaning After School’s Out

For anyone who once lived in a dorm, we know how much “stuff” we crammed into our tiny living spaces.

We lived comfortably among the heaped up everything that we owned. Books laying here and there, or bags, clothes thrown about; intermingled with our room-mate’s “stuff.” It was all just too much to keep track of in the midst of our studies. At the end of the year we know good and well we couldn’t fit everything we accumulated into our cars or Mom and Dad’s cars.  So we left it behind,  sadly. Now that we are older, we often question, I wonder what become of all of.  Arc-MD offers turn over cleaning for both student and military housing. We have been doing this campus cleaning for 14+ years. If your establishment is need of professional cleaning and “stuff” removing services, we are here to help. We are located in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Visit our website http://www.arc-md.com/ or call us toll free at 1-800-371-3479

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Happy Veterans Day

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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ARC successfully completes demolition & abatement job under intense deadline pressure at famous Hay Adams Hotel in DC


ARC Construction Services’ specializes in providing demolition & abatement services to customers in the mid-Atlantic region. There is a definite advantage to utilizing a single-source company to handle the complete demolition and abatement job. There is no second-guessing as to who is responsible for what aspects of the project meaning liability issues are significantly reduced. Also, our demolition experts are trained to recognize abatement hazards, keeping the jobsite safe for all trades.


Hitt Contracting hired ARC Construction Services to provide demolition & abatement services at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington DC. The project consisted of interior demolition and abatement work as preparation for new construction and renovation of the hotel, including:

  • Removal of an existing penthouse
  • Removal of raised concrete slab on rooftop
  • Removal of elevator shaft
  • Removal of cooling towers
  • Removal of ceiling to expose existing mechanicals
  • Removal of lead paint

The project had several challenges associated with it including:

  • An extremely aggressive time schedule
  • As the Hotel is located directly across from the White House, security and project scrutiny was especially tight
  • All material from the demolition and abatement activities had to be removed directly off the roof


Several contractors were in the running to secure the contract for this job. In the end, ARC Construction Services proved to be the only firm that had the capabilities to meet the necessary scheduling and project challenges and was awarded the job. Part of the solution to meeting all requirements was that the equipment capabilities, personnel and knowledge of how to accomplish the job were already in place. The solutions consisted of utilizing these capabilities in creative and aggressive ways to meet the demanding time schedule.

To address the material removal challenge, a tower crane was used to remove all material off the roof of the hotel. The use of a tower crane necessitated coordination of lane closures, traffic pattern changes, and various procedures to ensure pedestrian safety on the ground. The penthouse removal schedule was met with the demolition being completed in seven days. Brokk machines were utilized to hammer down the existing penthouse.

If working with a difficult time schedule and full workload was not challenging enough, the location of the hotel being directly across from the White House added a level of security oversight that is not normally found on demolition projects. By coordinating with Hay Adams and Hitt representatives, ARC was not only able to complete the necessary demolition on time, but met all security and safety requirements.

The abatement aspect of the job consisted of removing lead paint from existing historical architectural detail. The process entailed wetting down the areas to be remediated to contain the lead material. This was all accomplished without any damage to the historically significant areas while meeting all health and safety requirements.

For more information on our Case Studies contact us at 443-573-0292

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Concrete Flooring Prep

There are several ways to prep your concrete floor. We Specialize in Diamond Blasting, Dry Ice Blasting and Shot Blasting. Preparing your floor is the most important step to getting the best finished product. If you do not get all the grease up or have residue on the concrete your new finishes will not adhere properly. Let us show you how we can give you the floor your desire. Call us today 1-800-371-3479 or visit our website.

ARC Construction Services

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at ARC Construction!

Contact us at 443-573-0292

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The Need To Know About Firewalls

What Are Fire Walls

Some of the components of a firestop are rubber compounds, Intumescents, Cementatious mortars, Silicone, Firestop pillows, Mineral fibres.

All firestops have a fire rating that is calculated by combining certain materials in a specific order to an object (e.g. cable, pipe).  The individual materials in a firestop don’t have a fire rating on there own but achieve one when combined with other materials.

Firestops should be installed and maintained according to listing and approval use and compliance.  Building documentation usually includes schematics of the building that indicate the certification listings of the firestops and their locations.  These schematics are important because they can be used as documentation when meeting the requirements of the local fire code. They also are a safe guard if work is being done that may violate the fire code.


Buildings often need work done to them.  This can include installing new plumbing systems or electrical wiring.  This usually will require going through a wall or area that is fire stopped already and can change the listing rating of it.  To make sure that you are in compliance of the fire code make sure that you have an expert doing the work.  This will insure you are above board on the fire codes, not just but for legal reasons but for safety also.

For More Information Contact ARC Construction Services

at 443-573-0292

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What You Need To Know About Demolition

Demolition is the process of tearing down a building from top to bottom.  You may want a building torn down because you want to build a new structure or for safety reasons. You will need an expert if you plan on demolition of a building.

Usually, equipment such as elevated platforms, cranes, hydraulic excavators and bulldozers are used according to how big the structure is.  Larger structures may require the use of a wrecking ball.  But wrecking balls aren’t used as often because of advancements in rotational shears and rock-breakers.

Before demolition can start there are certain things that need to be done before hand, such as getting proper city permits and the preparation of the site.  Preparation includes asbestos abatement, proper notification to the general public and disconnecting of utilities present.

After the demolition there will need to be cleanup. This process consists of hoe rams picking up debris and hydraulic shears removing steel parts.

For More Information Contact ARC Construction Services

at 443-573-0292

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